Ahead of the Curve

Hubble Project Group is a studio incubator developing disruptive profit-driven financial, insurance, and tech solutions. You will find our thinking threaded through numerous sectors, and periodically we donate ‘thinking time’ to help good causes. These have included the ivory trade, water rights management, and regional economic development.

Founder: David Huer.

Recent activities include:

(New) Aboiteaux, Dikes, and Polders (“ADP”)
Capturing more upland precipitation on its journey to the sea
Creating new jobs, public procurement, and opportunities

(New) Charity Income Statement
Proposing to convert Labour Expenses to Assets for net charitable tax credit. This is considered solving an “impossible” challenge (in Canadian tax law, only real property can be donated to charities – achieving direct intercession with federal Minister of National Revenue’s office). Use Case: BC caving club donating karst locations to government [karst is water-soluble rock that plays a key role in recharging aquifers].

Analytical Time: 4 months. Personal Spend: $0


Proposing the Solar System Colonization Treaty – with Orbital Private Property clauses to replace 1967 Outer Space Treaty. It attracted a ‘red herring’ attack – always a great sign!

Analytical Time: 2 months. Personal spend: $600.

Gamma (γ) Prefluence Curve
Precursoring alpha and beta market curves with the new γ-curve.
Analytical Time: 2 years. Personal spend: $0.

China Revestment Services
Converting foreign investors into China Mainland citizens, to profit from foreigners after China closed VIE overseas investing method.
Analytical Time: 2 months. Personal spend: $0

Oil Sands Float Rights
Profiting without extraction. Converting rolling pre-mined O&G/Coal asset value in spot and amortization markets.
Analytical Time: 2 months: Personal Spend: $0

WarriorHealth CombatCare [See linkedin]
Vision & Mission: Preventing veteran suicide.
Business: Medtech startup : Combat PTSD Care by smartphone.
Science: Developing novel science direction acknowledged as such by disreputable academics who universally attempted to grab the IP for themselves and their universities. Thoroughly blocked by intellectual piracy & refusal to trade by protected bad actors.
Market: First to identify: $4.9-12.5 trillion sovereign-backed insurable Combat PTSD insurance market. First to notice financeable spread; using this to create novel triage supply chain strategy. Networked to US White House & Congress by bipartisan veteran champion supporters. Two major universities attempted hostile takeovers; and one of these literally demanded 100% control with $0 compensation including the right to flip IP to patent trolls. I got crushed but defeated the takeovers by open-sourcing the science. Crushing makes me a diamond, not dust. Analytical Time: 5 years. Personal Spend: $30,000.