David Huer

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Black swan problem solver
Maverick, unorthodox thinking
Prefluencing & Efficientizing Markets & Corporations

Profitable strategies to ‘invent the future now’.
Ask me if you want to change the rules of the game.

Entrepreneurial problem-solver with 15+ years of bootstrapping experience. Synthesizing the tiniest of clues for competitive advantage – levers that, when pulled, ripple efficiencies through networks and ecosystems. Illuminating opportunity unlockers. Unearthing and solving seemingly “impossible” inefficiencies, deceits, loopholes, and deal-killers.

• Exploring & hunting
• Absorptive listening with tenacity & unorthodox inventiveness
• Unusual ability to comprehend the very large & very small
• Reinvigorating profitability by unlocking cascading roadblocks
• Competitive DNA – driven, curious & constantly learning

Note: I have been using the amazing SpeechEasy anti-stuttering earpiece since 2006. It boosts my fluency to 98%!

The SpeechEasy technology completely changed my life. Thanks to truly and utterly transforming work by faculty at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Scott Grant

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Advisor/Associate : Industrial Design Engineering

Principal industrial designer at Toronto’s designforce consultancy, Scott brings over 25 years of insight to our projects and was my professional advisor at industrial design school. His product development experience ranges from the highly technical to the sublimely simple; from consumer goods to ruggedized military gear for Canada and its allies.