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David J. Pratt

“Dave Huer is an asymmetric thinker; precisely what is needed to deal with difficult intractable economic and social challenges.  We interacted on his Cognitive Combat Risk Securities/Veterans’ Triage project.  He has addressed what is needed to deal with defense manpower and veterans’ treatment issues.  As the markets and government policymakers in Canada and the US catch up with him, his solutions will become inevitable.”
m-cam.com, Charlottesville, VA
[bio] Formerly Secretary for the Majority & Secretary for the Minority, US Senate

Tim Pringle

“I started contracting David’s services thirteen years ago. He is a natural investigator. His innate strengths of comprehension and strategy formulation, and breadth of interest and knowledge about financial, business, First Nations and government matters continues to surprise me.”

Principal, Pringle Strategy Services, Salt Spring Island, BC
Formerly Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, www.waterbucket.ca
Formerly Executive Director, Real Estate Foundation of BC, www.refbc.com


David was brought in to develop an international business plan in 2005. David worked with us during a period of transition (pivoting from public and non-profit to private customers) marked by instability, chaos and lack of support and yet produced high quality work. He is clearly an outstanding thinker with a passion for the practicalities of private enterprise.

Private Business Owner

Don Babineau

“David worked at Thomas Skinner & Sons for a short while before starting his Commerce program. He had a hunch about how he could speed up a project without affecting quality, performed experiments at home the following weekend, and came back to us with the new method – cutting 72% off labour costs. If you want someone to solve a challenging business problem, ask David.”

Thomas Skinner & Sons Ltd., thomasskinner.com, Richmond, BC

Troy Angrignon

“David is one of the most creative minds I know. He thinks WAY out of the box in a way that is incredibly rare. If you are looking for somebody to deconstruct a problem and find a solution nobody else will think of that takes into account form, function, design, material, price, and factors you can’t even think about – he’s your guy. I’ve advised David on a number of projects and he never ceases to amaze me in the way he views the world.”

Entrepreneurial Sales Partnering & Marketing Executive
troyangrignon.com, San Francisco, CA


Chase Wickham

“I am ranked #1 in North Carolina for soccer, #3 in the USA for soccer, and #26 for all sports at CoachUp, the biggest personal training coach search engine. This was before David and I started working together. Two months later, my coaching went up 10 notches. David shifted my thinking, changing the entire outlook and shape of my steps moving forward. Before, I was “a soccer coach” alongside my professional career. Now I’m the proud business owner of a top-ranked NC coaching business. And so glad I ran into David at our local coffee shop a few years ago. He taught me how to fish and I marvel at how God created David’s mind — it is truly remarkable.”

Professional soccer player, USL Pro
Up Your Soccer Game Coaching, Charlotte, NC


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