Business Ventures


Founder/Analyst, 2015-16
[FINTECH/STOCK MARKET] Summary – Link: China Revestment Services
Disrupting: Foreign investors perceiving future losses, Traditional Traders, Data Vendors.
David Huer – Translation to Chinese: Shàobīng Dàwèi 哨兵 大衛

In Spring 2015, China clarified the Corporation Law to close the V.I.E. contracts loophole. Foreign investors faced conceivably worthless positions, and domestic companies got stuck without access to a pipeline of foreign capital. Strategy: Lowering the risk of investing in China & benefiting China, Taiwan, UK, and Foreign Investors.

  • Employs ambiguities of the China (PRC)/Taiwan (ROC) relationship
  • Setting up China domestic stocks registry in Taiwan, managed from UK
  • Foreign stockholders could “make” themselves into Chinese corporate citizens
  • Using UK law vendors protects foreign investors + disrupts stock traders and data providers (ex. Bloomberg)
  • Shanghai advice: previous bai shou tao connections and guanxi obligations are needed

Founder, 2012-13
[FINTECH (INSURANCE)/BIOTECH] Link: Mychor Treatments
Disrupting: Academe/Universities, Big Science/Big Pharma.
Managing White-Nose Syndrome (WNS: Bat-Killing Virus) for agricultural vendors and supply chain (bats are keystone insectivores/pollinators). Veteran jobs through B-Corp.

  • Proposed rearing bats in artificial, mass-produced HVAC-managed hibernacula (hibernation caves)
  • Estimated Cost: $15,000 8-month lab test, then a 2-3 year field study [PDF has Business Case Estimate]
  • But major US university prospect stonewalled requirement to sign commercial NDA . . . so instead, open sourced IP
  • Alerting private caving & veteran champions as one estimated outcome is 6,000+ HVAC bush technician jobs

Founder, 2008–15
[FINTECH (INSURANCE)/BIOTECH] Link: WarriorHealth CombatCare
Link: Scientific & intellectual property work at
Disrupting: Academe/Universities, Big Science/Big Pharma, pre-Shinseki VA bureaucracy.
Combat PTSD by smartphone. Republicans and Democrats jointly networked market strategy to create dedicated $4.9-12.5 trillion business-to-sovereigns’ market.

  • Disruptive tech (“Audiological Drugs”) + global “cognitive combat insurance” coverage for Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Developing demonstrably novel and rigorous science hypotheses to make cognitive care a computing/wireless industry
  • First to identify insurable financial spread, ways to finance, and how tech improves valuation of spread
  • 4-page note to restructure US Veterans Administration evaluated by US leadership as a fiscal cliff measure
  • Protecting the venture from hostile takeover, but ultimately brushed aside and blocked by gatekeepers refusing to trade

Founder, 2006–07
[FINTECH/SOCIAL ENTERPRISE] Link: Our Community Parking Co-op
Disrupting: Relationship between charities and parking industry.
For-profit public/private tax venture supporting United Way by managing public/social agency properties.

  • Strategy: minimize Net Income to alter competitive environment and lower client cost structures
  • Despite social mission and higher net revenue, social agencies preferred higher cost, lower risk services

Founder, 2001-02 & 2007–08
Disrupting: “Homelessness” Industry. Homelessness is a BC election “cash cow”. Used by all parties. Solving the issue mean no milk.
Modular Shipping Container Apartments. First in the world to propose a venture, 1 year before Euro market leader tempohousing (email exchange).

  • Local oligopoly does not want to encourage Prairie provinces which ship their indigent people to BC in the winter
  • A decade before BC Hydro’s “Home of the Future” Shipping Container Showcase at 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Identified how to create profitable “mixed” social rate/market rate system

Founder, 2001–2004
Disrupting: Unknown. First instance experiencing Canadian cultural attribute of risk aversion
A data logger for whitewater slalom competitors – One of the first social web wearables, designed for LAN & web presence

  • Aiming to leverage my industrial design thesis
  • Using my award-winning market analysis for the whitewater slalom market
  • With the e-glove concept introduced 8 years before Beurer gmbh…

Start-ups Through Employment

Product Operations Analyst,  2007
(OPERATIONS & FINANCING) Local Business Advisory Service (BCom program)
Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC
Link: Heiltsuk First Nation Venture (Cedar Oil Harvesting)

  • Alongside forestry analyst, studying remote coast venture: identifying, gathering and documenting requirements
  • Personally developing novel 2-stage distilling process—cutting $millions off capital financing requirements
  • Team recommendation was No-Go: concluding that local cedar feedstock would still not be profitable

Project Coordinator / R&D Grant & Tax Credit Coordinator / Industrial Design, 2005–06
(OPERATIONS & FINANCING) Greenheart Conservation
Tree Walkway/Zipline Manufacturer/Operator, Vancouver, BC

  • Proactively managing $283,000 IRAP application; coordinating market, tax, engineering, and design reports
  • Developing first-ever sales funnel analysis, and finding new revenue by creating first master workflow maps
  • Planning and contributing messaging after hiring graphic design, print, and ergonomics engineering vendors
  • Insights shifted business from Consult/Build (3-year receivables) to Build/Operate (1 year)

Volunteer & Contractor (Market Discovery, Business Modeling, Business Plan & Seed Round), 2001-02
(OPERATIONS & FINANCING) Eastside / Delivery Service, Community Re-training B-Corp, Vancouver, BC

  • Instrumental in attracting $40,000 from Vancity 
  • Analyzing original café concept, walking the market area, surveying 75+ potential customers, analyzing market
  • Co-discovering hidden high-income professionals’ market, 3 years before Starbucks discovered segment
  • With this discovery, pivoting to a lunch delivery service: writing operations plan, and co-writing business plan
  • Venture survived for approx 3 years in a tight margin industry